Apple's foldable iPad to be launched by 2021 - Patel ji

Apple's foldable iPad to be launched by 2021

Apple's foldable iPad to be launched by 2021

 Apart from Apple, Samsung and huawi are also set to bring foldable devices soon.  Experts say that Apple will launch iPad instead of iPhone before 2021 or can launch before that.

 Apple is about to launch a foldable device by 2021 in the coming two years. Experts believe that it will be an IIP rather than an Ip. According to a CNET report released on Wednesday, more than one-third of Apple customers will get around $ 600.  40,000 was willing to pay extra, in fact, its price is a big hurdle for the buyers regarding the foldable gadget, although Apple's customers folded  Apple has also filed many patent applications for flexible display, showing more choice in purchasing a cable phone or IIP,

 It is estimated that the price of the foldable device can be four times. Let us know that Apple has already patented for the foldable device. This patent shows two types of device that turn like half a book before the iPhone in 2018.  Maker obtained patent for flexible hing of a foldable phone. The company is expected to announce new iPhones in September this year.  The new iOff will launch three models of the D43 (internal name) to replace the iPhone XS Max while the D42 (internal name) will replace the iPhone XS and the N 104 (internal name) will replace the IOP XR with the new iPhone 11 models iPhone XS series.  Will replace the triple rear camera

 Earlier Samsung and Huawei are also constantly trying to launch their foldable phone. Samsung's Galaxy Fold can be launched in September. However, the launch of the foldable Mate X X may be delayed due to carrier certification tests.

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2021 तक लॉन्च हो सकता है Apple का फोल्डेबल iPad जाने के लिए क्या होगा पिक्चर्सग,
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