Robot 2.0 full movie in Hindi | download full movie in online playe - Patel ji

Robot 2.0 full movie in Hindi | download full movie in online playe

 How to download robot 2.0 full movie 

Robot 2.0 villain  s. role Akshay Kumar Hero's role Rajinikanth
Director by  s. Shankar 
Robot 2.0  full movie

 Friends, if you want to download Robot 2.0 movie, then I can download its link by clicking on it below. Now talk about the movie, if you see Robot a lesson, you will not like Robot 2.0 because Robot 2.0 is made on top of a message and what is that message, you will know by watching a full movie if there is anything special in this movie.  If he is, Akshay Kumar is a full movie and on top of that, it is not a bed movie, but it is also good but if you have come to see action, then you can enjoy
Who is the director of this film and who has played what role, I will tell you all in this article

Movie director

The director of this movie Shankar Shanmugam, who hails from Tamil Nadu, has written many movies but Robot 2.0 I have spent a lot of time after this, Robot 2.0 has been made. He also wrote Robot 1, which became a super hit, the movie came out in 2010.

About Robot 2.0 Movie
 You must have seen Robot 1, then later in 2018, Robot 2.0 was released, this movie has action like Robot 1, but aside from that, in this movie, this thing has been told about how harmful it can be to run a mobile.  Nowadays everyone has a mobile, some one stays in the mobile all day and to enjoy the Internet, but it has to take the effect of someone else like a bird flying in the sky  He dies due to too much radison 
and there is less to see birds nowadays, so you can think that in the coming time, the bird's nomination may be erased and this is the message that people want to convey through the film.  Akshay Kumar has played the role of Birch Raj in this movie and he has a lot of birds and all the birds die due to Radisson, after that Birch Raj  After committing suicide, the main road of the movie starts from here, but one thing has shown wrong in it, according to us, the soul can never be killed without imprisonment.  Somewhere the director has to end the film

How to make a movie

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S. Shankar
         A. Subaskaran
(S. Shankar),(B. jaymohan),(M. karky)
Screen play
  Shankar shanmugham
S. Shankar
(Rajnikanth), (Akshay kumar), (Amy jackson), (sudhanshu P.)
Allahrakka Rahman
N. shah
Lewellyn Anthony Gonsalvez
Production company
Lyca production
(Lyca production), (Dharma production)
Box office
Est. RS. 800 crore
Running time
148 minute
Release date
29/11/ 2018
RS. 570 crore

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